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Granite House

Granite House

Granite House

Granite House

Tom laying water lines before backfilling 

November 30 update (below)-- The metal roof was fabricated by Architectural Construction Services, Inc and installed with a charitable discount by Metro Panel.  Siding provided at a charitable discount by Lyman Lumber was installed by Solid LLC. 

June: Lights, camera, A/C!  Collins Electrical began installing the interior lighting and security features, and now we have air conditioning.  Our fixtures from Muska Lighting are a hybrid of residential and commercial styles. The wall sconces in the vaulted bedroom hall can be dimmed for use in the evening. Thank you to Muska for the special pricing on these beautiful fixtures. The special truss feature in the hallway designed by Tom to create the vault continues to impress our visitors to the house along with the wide doors and smooth thresholds. 

Painting: Once the drywall was done we had a volunteer crew working alongside Dennis, our drywall contractor, to do the priming and backrolling. Tom finished the priming and spray painted the entire house with a beautiful off-white color called "Child of Heaven." 

June- July: (Above, right) Fuhr Trenching installed the extensive mounded drain field according to county standards. Once again our friends at Aggregate Industries generously donated the 200 tons of sand and 50 tons of gravel for the job.The photo above shows Rick Fuhr spreading sand in preparation for topsoil and seeding. 

May cleanup days: Twice we had cleanup days to take down the plastic and haul out the leftover drywall and lumber to the dumpster. Then we swept and started to mop the floors. It will take a few more passes with a wet mop to reveal those beautiful colored concrete floors. In spite of the high heat and humidity, the well-insulated home was cool and comfortable with no A/C.  

EXCAVATION  May 5 & 8 by Miller Excavating

September 15 update, below- (1) Trusses up on the garage and the screened porch, far left. (2) Front view-roof sheathing almost done on main house. (3) Ice and Water membrane being applied to the roof. (4) The triple-pane Loewen windows going in with great care. Many thanks to Loewen in Manitoba and their supplier, Synergy Systems in Chanhassen, for the generous charitable consideration on these high quality windows. 

Early 2018: Insulation and drywall (below)-Northern Home Seal and Products came out to spray in closed-cell insulation donated by BASF in all of the exterior walls. With friends to volunteer their help, batt insulation was installed between the bedroom walls for soundproofing. Dennis Fruetel completed the drywall installation in the lower level in February and is now working on the upper level. With the mud and snow in the area Tom used his track loader to get loads of drywall up to the porch entry for Dennis to bring into the house. 

July update (below): Backfilling has begun and the rough-in plumbing goes in this week. We have windows on order and arriving in early August, with trusses arriving a week later. Photos show the work done before and during the first phase of backfilling before the lower level framing takes place. 

August 22 update: First floor framing of the house (below)  (1) With a few days of rain, the crew worked over the weekend of August 19 to get started on the exterior and bearing walls. (2) The lower level has an office and conference room on the right and the therapy room on the left. (3) Shawn Lundin, the framing foreman, is standing by the lower level entry with Tom. (4) The interior of the lower level with the floor trusses in place. Note the pit for the elevator in the lower left of the photo.  

​​FINISHED WALLS (below) May 12, before waterproofing, left.  WATERPROOFING by Waterproofing Inc, right. They finished on May 15, just minutes before the rain started. Once the rain stops and the drain tile and other rough-ins are done, Miller will return to do the back filling.  

Main level heated concrete floor (below) Larson Plumbing installed the Uponor in-floor heating tubes throughout the main level with a charitable discount on labor. Halverson Concrete came out on a cold December day to pour the floor. Once again we received a charitable discount on the concrete from Cemstone

                                      CONSTRUCTION BEGINS! 

                  Excavation began May 2017. Start by scrolling to the bottom of the page to see
                 each step in the process.  
For photos of the land preparation and groundbreaking
                                    ceremony go to the 

September 5 update- Raising the roof! (below) (1) From the north side, showing the screened porch being framed and the main entry off the great room. The bedrooms are near the garage. (2) From the south side, showing the upper level bedrooms and big windows in the kitchen.
​(3) The founders, from left: Anna Bohnen, RN, our future nursing director, with Carol and Tom Insley. (4) Inside view to the kitchen windows.
We wish to thank Solid LLC for donating the labor to frame the interior walls in the upper level of the house.  

Halverson Concrete in Hudson, Wisconsin did an amazing and precise job with the footings and foundation work. What a great crew. Cemstone Concrete trucks brought the concrete for the foundation and are giving a generous charitable consideration for their materials. Thank you! 

August 8 update: Concrete basement floor is poured (below) (1) Jim Larson from Larson Plumbing installed the tubing for the Uponor radiant floor heating at a charitable discount for us. This product on both levels will make the floors warm for our residents and staff. (2) Halverson Concrete attached a layer of rebar, and then the Cemstone trucks arrived with the concrete, with the added color we'd chosen. Cemstone again gave Granite House a per-yard discount on the concrete. Within a few hours the "flat work" team had the lower level and garage floors poured and leveled. (3) The crew used hand and power tools to complete the finish and began to score lines in the surface to prevent cracking. (4) Foreman Darin Schlueter came out to see the work and will return with his crew when the upper floor is ready to be poured. 

Utilities and shed (below)-- Xcel Energy brought the gas and electric lines up from Stagecoach Trail and we got our own utility pole and a new transformer. The 30 Kilowatt Kohler generator was provided at a charitable discount by Total Energy Systems and lifted into place by a crane in the pre-dawn hours. Collins Electrical did the installation and connected the lines to the meter installed on the shed-in-progress, built by Tom Insley. The shed will be completed in the spring with siding and roofing to match the house. 

August: (Below, left) The main entry on the upper level will be through the screened porch. The concrete floor was poured and then the sidewalk which will connect to the upper driveway was laid out precisely to accommodate wheelchairs and even a stretcher if needed. The foundation supports for the deck were also poured off the side entry, in the right of the porch in the photo. The deck and screens will be completed in the spring, just in time for the enjoyment of our residents, their families, and the staff. 

Miller Excavating starting first phase of back filling foundation. 

POURED FOUNDATION  May 9-11 by Halverson Concrete and Cemstone

July: The beautiful maple cabinets from ABC Cabinetry arrived,  and Tom completed the kitchen. Each bedroom will have a built-in wall of cabinets for clothing, supplies, and personal belongings. Thank you to ABC Cabinetry for the charitable consideration! 

July: (Right) Mantyla Well Drilling dug the well and worked with their suppliers to obtain special pricing and charitable considerations.
​We wish to thank: 
Columbia Pipe & Supply Co, for the donation of 269 feet of casing, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. for the donation of a 3HP well pump, Headwater Wholesale for the donation of a Franklin subdrive, and Mantyla Well Drilling for the credit on the WX302 and Grout. 

August 1 update: Preparation for basement floor (below) (1) Jim Larson from Larson Plumbing installed the ground runs for the floor drains.
​(2) Aggregate Industries donated 100 tons of radon rock (3) Tom lay in 6 inches of rock, then (4)  Halverson Concrete lay the foam insulation. 

Miler Excavating is our neighbor on Stagecoach Trail North 
​and generously donated the excavation work to Granite House! Please smile and wave to them when you see their red trucks at work in our community. Thank you Miller family!