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Granite House

Granite House

Granite House

Tom laying water lines before backfilling 


April 2, 2017 --PROGRESS! We have our building permit and the corners of the house have been staked out by the surveyor. Our first two subcontractors, for excavation and foundation, are working out their schedules to break ground and pour the walls this month. Look carefully at the photo, left of the surveyor. His own taller stake is only two inches away from the stake that Tom placed in November with his own Theodolite. Pretty good work! That will be the corner of  the garage. ​Watch for news about the next big step—groundbreaking!

Halverson Concrete in Hudson, Wisconsin did an amazing and precise job with the footings and foundation work. What a great crew. Cemstone Concrete trucks brought the concrete for the foundation and are giving a generous charitable consideration for their materials. Thank you! 

August 8 update: Concrete basement floor is poured. (1) Jim Larson from Larson Plumbing installed the tubing for the Uponor radiant floor heating at a charitable discount for us. This product on both levels will make the floors warm for our residents and staff. (2) Halverson Concrete attached a layer of rebar, and then the Cemstone trucks arrived with the concrete, with the added color we'd chosen. Cemstone again gave Granite House a per-yard discount on the concrete. Within a few hours the "flat work" team had the lower level and garage floors poured and leveled. (3) The crew used hand and power tools to complete the finish and began to score lines in the surface to prevent cracking. (4) Foreman Darin Schlueter came out to see the work and will return with his crew when the upper floor is ready to be poured. 

Granite House property, November 2016. 
The rooftops on the hill are the neighbors behind us. The house will be built at the highest point among the large oak trees and the lower field will be an accessible garden for residents, families, and visitors. Compare to the Feb 2015 photo below, taken at the same spot. 

POURED FOUNDATION  May 9-11 by Halverson Concrete and Cemstone

August 1 update: Preparation for basement floor. (1) Jim Larson from Larson Plumbing installed the ground runs for the floor drains.
​(2) Aggregate Industries donated 100 tons of radon rock (3) Tom lay in 6 inches of rock, then (4)  Halverson Concrete lay the foam insulation. 

  August, 2015
There has been great progress on the land!   Tom Insley and his excavator, Mary Anne, have been pulling stumps and piling brush to be hauled away. At this rate, the site will be ready for building by this time next year.  We have signed a contract with Stillwater architect Brian Larson, and the next phase of design drawings are in progress.

   February, 2015
   The cleared building site as seen from
   Stagecoach Trail, as of February 1st.  The
   residence will be placed at the top of the
   hill, among the large oak trees. There is a
   small house number sign "2114" by the
   driveway. Note one of the large piles of
   brush still to be burned.

Left, Anna and Tom clearing brush at property, Nov. 2014

    PROGRESS!    Update: January 2015 

   The land for the residence is being cleared and  prepared for building.  

   The list of building features has been compiled  for the services needed.

   Watch for news from meeting with the architect. As funding becomes
   available, we will try to break ground on Granite House in winter 2016.  

   We hope to welcome our first residents in late fall  2017.

Granite House

July update: Backfilling has begun and the rough-in plumbing goes in this week. We have windows on order and arriving in early August, with trusses arriving a week later. Photos show the work done before and during the first phase of backfilling before the lower level framing takes place. 

Spring, 2016, and the building site nearly ready. You can see that most of the brush is gone, the large oaks and maples have been trimmed, and things are greening up. 

​​FINISHED WALLS May 12, before waterproofing, left.  WATERPROOFING by Waterproofing Inc, right. They finished on May 15, just minutes before the rain started. Once the rain stops and the drain tile and other rough-ins are done, Miller will return to do the back filling.  


December 4, 2016-Here's Tom with a theodolite, staking out the corners of the residence last week. With our plans ready, we now have the perfect balance between bedrooms, family gathering areas, and therapy rooms. We have piles of straw bales ready to spread inside the marked perimeter to insulate the ground from freezing until groundbreaking during the winter. It will be an exciting year!

Miller Excavating starting first phase of back filling foundation. 

EXCAVATION  May 5 & 8 by Miller Excavating

Miler Excavating is our neighbor on Stagecoach Trail No. and generously donated the excavation work to Granite House! Please smile and wave to them when you see their red trucks at work in our community. Thank you Miller family! 

From left: Dan Kyllo, West Lakeland Twp Board Chair; Lucas Gahler, board member; Anna Bohnen, RN, board member; Todd Gillingham, Thrivent Financial; Donna Koning, MD, board member; MN Rep. Kathy Lohmer, former board member; Tom Insley, board member; Carol Insley, board member; Kirk Dahl, DDS, board member; Frank Ritter, MD, board member. 

September 2015-Just look at the Granite House land today! Most of the tree and brush removal is done, and the big oaks and maples surrounding the building site are opened up. Still a few unwanted trees to take down-- with professional help. This perspective shows the front entry of the house, with the back windows to be facing the river bluffs view. The bedrooms and screened porch will have views of the woods. The big pile of brush will be gone soon.