Granite House

Granite House


  • Build a family-focused long-term residence
  • Create a home setting with situation-specific care
  • Inform, educate and advocate for this underserved population

We will:

  •  Give families an alternative to a traditional long-term care facility or care at home.
  •  Enrich the quality of life for adults with severe disorders of consciousness.
  •  Increase awareness of the minimally conscious state and provide connections to

    resources and sources of support.

The mission of Granite House is to provide support and hope to individuals and families 

      who are living with severe and permanent brain injury.


​​A family-focused long-term care residence

Granite House

  • Build a sustainable residence for people with severe disorders of consciousness
  • Enhance the quality of life for people with severe disorders of consciousness due to acquired or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Be a resource to our community and to those touched by brain injury through education, support groups, resource referrals and volunteer opportunities


Granite House